Presenting: Open Source Docs Press!

Building on what I’ve learned with Bright Little Light Press, detailed below from when I started publishing in 2017, I kicked off Open Source Docs Press in 2019. This project is a little different! Open Source Docs Press came from my passion for providing better documentation for open source projects.

There are tons of great tools out there that simply languish because the docs are crap, and developers don’t want to/can’t use them. But many open source projects lack the backing and financial wherewithal to hire technical writers to overhaul their documentation.

Open Source Docs Press is currently experimenting with different models to fund technical writing resources and spread information about popular open source projects.

The first piece of that is crowdsourcing campaigns to raise funds to hire a technical writer – me, at the moment, but the goal is to add more writers if the model works out – to provide deliverables specified in the crowdsourcing campaign.

The other piece is to offer PDFs, eBooks and PoD books where people go to find books – Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the iBooks store. This will help spread the word about great open source projects, and a percent of book sale revenue will go toward funding diversity in open source initiatives.

I’m currently working through a few proof-of-concept projects before going live, so wish me luck!

Bright Little Light Press

Bright Little Light Press is the publishing imprint I started in February, 2017.

What’s the logical next step for a professional writer’s career? Start a publishing empire!

(No, seriously. Hubby and I routinely refer to my ‘publishing empire.’ It’s a thing.)

I’ve always been entrepreneurial. I invested my allowance in an order-taking book (complete with carbons!) from the local drug store, and started waitressing for my family’s parties when I was a wee lass – made myself an apron with pockets and everything.

As an adult, I’ve gravitated toward working with small businesses, and started my own small business when I began my self-employed freelance writing career. Starting a small indie publisher seemed like a natural progression.

BLLP dabbles in genre fiction; so far on the schedule are a romance novel, a fiction novel, an urban fantasy, another romance novel, a traditional fantasy, and a dystopian thriller.

Publishing is a surprising amount of work, though. Between publishing, my own writing, and my freelance contracts, the publishing schedule might slip a little. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens!

Anyway, if you’re looking for story – check it out! We’ve got a few options for you, with more coming soon. (My personal favorite right now is Della’s Diary – I love a strong female lead.)

Bright Little Light Press