Beyond Writing Podcast

Beyond Writing Podcast

Beyond Writing Podcast

Beyond Writing is the podcast I host for Bright Little Light Press.

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Why a podcast?

Because I really wasn’t doing enough in my life, it seemed like a great idea to add a weekly podcast to the calendar.

(Well, maybe ‘great idea’ is overstating the case a bit…)

As a writer, I’ve often felt the publishing industry was some sort of incomprehensible behemoth. I’ve certainly had a lot of misconceptions about publishing, dating back to my first attempts to get published in 2005.

Since then, I’ve learned a ton about the industry. Partially through my continuing pursuit of publication, and then my decision to start a small indie publisher – I’ve become a writer who understands publishing pretty well. I’m constantly learning in my new role as publisher, which gives me a lot of fresh, topical insights.

Now I’m through the looking glass, and I’ve been thinking about as a publisher – what do I wish writers understood? And as a writer, what did I have questions about before I got into publishing?

That’s where the Beyond Writing podcast was born. It’s a podcast by a small indie publisher, for writers – about everything that happens once you finish writing, all the way through publication, and beyond. The idea is to demystify publication, and give writers a better idea of what to expect as they approach publishing.

I want to make publishing more accessible to everyday writers, and I also want to give writers options besides the traditional publishing path.

If you’re a writer, and you’ve got a question you’d like me to cover on the podcast, contact me! Or if you have feedback about the podcast, I welcome that, too. This is my first podcast – it’s been a fun learning experience!