Beyond Writing Podcast

Beyond Writing Podcast

Beyond Writing Podcast

Beyond Writing is the podcast I host for Bright Little Light Press.

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Why a podcast?

Because I really wasn’t doing enough in my life, it seemed like a great idea to add a weekly podcast to the calendar.

(Well, maybe ‘great idea’ is overstating the case a bit…)

As a writer, I’ve often felt the publishing industry was some sort of incomprehensible behemoth. I’ve certainly had a lot of misconceptions about publishing, dating back to my first attempts to get published in 2005.

Since then, I’ve learned a ton about the industry. Partially through my continuing pursuit of publication, and then my decision to start a small indie publisher, I’ve been working for years to grow my understanding. As someone who’s currently working through many of the growing pains that indies face in the early days, I’ve got plenty of fodder for others who might be considering the transition, or just looking to learn more about an industry that historically isn’t very transparent.

Now that I’m through the looking glass, I’ve been thinking as a publisher – what do I wish writers understood? And as a writer, what did I have questions about before I got into publishing?

That’s where the Beyond Writing podcast was born. It’s a podcast by a small indie publisher, for writers – about everything that happens once you finish writing, all the way through publication, and beyond. The idea is to demystify publication, and give writers a better idea of what to expect as they approach publishing.

I want to make publishing more accessible to everyday writers, and I also want to give writers options besides the traditional publishing path.

If you’re a writer, and you’ve got a question you’d like me to cover on the podcast, contact me! Or if you have feedback about the podcast, I welcome that, too. This is my first podcast – it’s been a fun learning experience!