Cart, meet horse

On the one hand, I’m definitely proud of myself for deciding to finally just put my stuff out there, and really make a go at this authoring thing.

On the other hand, maybe deciding to just put it out there was a little… shortsighted.

Who knew that running a publishing empire would be as much work as starting any other business? (Well, ok, so I knew it would be work, but I was maybe a little naive about how much work it would be.)

In the past few weeks, I’ve shifted gears… instead of trying a whole bunch of things in an unfocused way and seeing what works, I’ve settled down a bit to some of the foundational work that I skipped right past when I just threw my stuff out into the wild.

What’s that, you ask?

Well, the biggest thing has been building a mailing list, surprisingly.

I’ve been struggling with the issue of how to get reviews on the books, because people use reviews when deciding whether or not to buy. I’ve been spending a lot on ads, but there’s only so much ROI when there aren’t any reviews. All the traffic in the world is only moderately useful without what one author calls ‘social proof.’ But Amazon, at least, is very strict about reviews – in theory, they shouldn’t come from friends and family, and I could actually get suspended if friends and family review my books. (Which is bullshit – I get that they don’t want review manipulation, but for a new author starting out, the only people we have to ask for reviews is friends and family! We don’t have fans yet, silly retail beast.)

It turns out, conventional wisdom in this area is to build a mailing list to generate buzz around new releases, and have an advance reader team who can get ARCs and be prepared to leave reviews right away when a new release releases.

Oh, yeah, there’s also the pesky issue of having an actual launch strategy. Whazzat?

And the fact that ad costs go WAY down when your sales go up, because Amazon’s algorithms work in favor of things that people want to buy.

And I’m discovering that plain old book covers aren’t really effective for Facebook ads. You need separate art for those. So now I have to develop new creative assets for my Facebook ads. Which apparently should be mostly about list building, because the ROI on book sales through Facebook is generally too low to support advertising there for individual books. But when I have enough books to put together a box set, I can advertise that on FB, because the margin will be high enough to support the higher cost of customer acquisition there.

But with all this business stuff, I don’t actually have much time to write.

Oh, yeah, and to build my list, I’m having to offer a reader magnet, which is a free prequel novella. So I have to write that. But because it’s not written yet, I’m doing a free weekly giveaway of the book that is written in the meantime, as incentive for people to actually subscribe now even though the reader magnet isn’t ready yet.

Oh, and then there’s all the specialized tools I need to learn about. I had to learn MailChimp, and set up an automation sequence, and design an email, to start populating my mailing list. (And had to develop those creatives – but I’m actually pretty pleased with the creatives I came up with for that, they almost look professional. The Facebook ads are pretty slick.) I’ve spent way too many hours figuring out how to do 3-D book covers in Pixelmator. (I hate 3d book covers, personally – think they look so cheesy – but evidently they sell.)

And apparently I’m going to have to learn BookFunnel to distribute this novella once I’ve finished writing it, because that will relieve a lot of the technical headache associated with delivering the book file to people and helping them get it into their devices.

I also paid good cash monies on a course from this guy, who apparently made $450,000 via Amazon a couple of years ago, on self-publishing. This year’s course is focused on Facebook ads, but I actually bought it with the promise of an Amazon ads course that he’s adding in May. I’ve been spending a lot on Amazon ads, and they seem to be the only thing driving sales, but my ROI is crap – not a single ad is in the black.

But he touches on a lot of stuff in this course that sort of assumes I’ve done the underlying work and know what some of these concepts are. I do, in a vague sort of way, but I haven’t really done the work to develop these assets and resources for my pen name.

All this is in support of building up one pen name. The other pen name, which I’m currently 12k into a rewrite with, and frankly, am more excited about that content, hasn’t even been touched. I also haven’t touched that rewrite in weeks as I work on developing the infrastructure to support the first pen name, which already has books out. And common wisdom in the self-pub community is to get more books out ASAP, because new books can drive the sales of my backlist – especially when it’s a series – and people are now getting conditioned to ‘binge’ several books at once. I blame Netflix for this and their stupid, awesome original series stuff that gives you a billion episodes at once, freely supporting the binge.

(By the way, Trollhunters is our newest binge on Netflix – surprisingly awesome for a kids’ series. Guillermo del Toro is involved. If you like DreamWorks, take a look.)

So yeah. Tonight I have to edit this week’s podcast for the publishing imprint, because I’m still doing that, for some unknown reason. This weekend, I’d like to put together a video ad for the book – yes, video ads for books are apparently a thing – and work on the novella some. Plus I need to record next week’s podcast. And I still have a module and a half to go in the online course, plus two other bonus courses to consume. And at some point, I should work on building up a list of keywords for my Amazon ads, because those are supposedly the more effective ads (although I’m currently having more success with Product ads – presumably because I haven’t done the work to develop the keyword list).

So basically, I have a full-time job on top of the full-time contract gig. When am I supposed to write? Apparently authors don’t get to do that anymore.

I'm Dachary Carey. I write stuff. It's kinda my thing.

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